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Tips for First-Time Filipino Travelers to Russia

Tips for First-Time Filipino Travelers to Russia

Russia is both fascinating and beguiling for first-time Filipino travelers. The landscapes, architecture, history, and people will excitingly arrest your senses. But like any traveler in a foreign land, it is natural to get drawn to distractions which can dampen your trip. If you want to avoid the pitfalls of visiting Russia for the first time, consider the following tips and suggestions or first-time Filipino travelers to Russia.

Apply for a Russian travel visa early

It is a common pitfall for first-time travelers to wait until the last minute before applying for a tourist visa. One of the essential components of the Russian visa application is getting an official travel invitation. Yes, you can get a Russian visa invitation online, but it is also just as easy to coordinate with the travel agency or the hotel you booked for your stay. It is essential that the travel invitation is official and contains all the necessary information for it to be considered.

Please note that hotel booking confirmation is normally not enough to apply for your visa to Russia. In most cases you still need a visa support document (an invitation).

Apply for Russian visa early process is two weeks
Apply for Russian visa early

Check the Russian events calendar before booking your trip

Major holidays in January and May means museums close down early and cities are mostly empty. If you want to visit Russia during a more festive season, book a trip after the holidays in May and until September. However, if you prefer to experience the famous white nights of St. Petersburg, the middle of June is the best time to go.

Just like in Philippines, Russia has many holidays. And they don’t coincide with Filipino holidays. As a matter of fact, the only holiday in Russia, that coincide with Philippines holiday is Independence Day on June 12. For a full list of the Russian events in Philippines you can visit the Russian Embassy in Manila website.

Try to learn the Cyrillic alphabet

Overcoming a language barrier can make traveling more challenging. Before you go, at least make an effort to learn the Cyrillic alphabet. Knowing a few basic words can go a long way in communicating with locals. It will also make it easier for you to read road signs, menus, maps, and metro signs.

If you are planning to stay in Russia in apartment of your friends, booked an apartment using Airbnb service, or hotel using (or Agoda) service, or have not yet decided in what place in Russia you are going to stop, in all this cases to obtain a visa to Russia our invitation letter is appropriate for getting Russian visa. Tips for first-time Filipino travelers to Russia.

Russia can get expensive, save money tips for Filipino Travelers to Russia

Russia is expensive for foreigners, and expect to pay more than locals. However, there are a few hacks you can use to save a few bucks. If you are dining out at a hotel or restaurant, order a business lunch. If you are in big cities like Russia or St. Petersburg, try going to an anti-café where you only pay by the minute to drink coffee, eat snacks, and use the wi-fi connection. Learning a few bargaining words can also help you get around the city, especially if you are planning to ride a cab.

Always drink your vodka neat

Russians are very proud of their vodka, and foreigners tend to ask for mixers with their vodka, which is against tradition. Vodka is supposed to be enjoyed swiftly, in shots, and not mixed in a cocktail. It would not hurt to respect tradition, especially if it is your first time in the motherland.

Moscow vs Manila
Moscow vs Manila

Avoid photographing government buildings – tips for Filipino travelers to Russia

If you are fond of taking photographs of architecture and scenery, be careful when you chance upon buildings that appear official or military-like. You may think that your behavior is innocent, but tourists can get arrested for taking photographs of these structures. When in doubt, do not take the chance. Stick to taking photos of famous buildings, churches, and landscapes.

If you don’t want your Russian visa denied, you should avoid common mistakes in the application form. We provided step-to-step instructions on the Russian visa application process and the form itself.

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