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5 Steps to Applying to a Russian University

  • Choose Program & University
  • Learn about Financing
  • Prepare your Document Package
  • Undergo Competitive Selection
  • Get an Invitation and Apply for a Student Visa

For a Russian educational visa it is needed to provide the following documents: Application (filled on and printed) with your signature and passport size picture, Invitation (from, Guarantee letter from the institute or university, NBI clearance (valid for 1 month), Police clearance (valid for 1 month), HIV certificate (valid for 1 month)

Students from Philippines in Russia are eligible for a range of discounts (more “Benefits for Students”) including for travel on public transport, for visiting museums, libraries, theaters, concert halls, parks and other public and entertainment facilities.

Exciting Student Life in Russia for Filipinos

Filipino Students in Russia are never short of something to do after class. They take part in sports competitions, contests, student festivals and other recreational events. Universities have their own student theaters, sports teams, volunteer associations and student construction teams.

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Filipino student does homework in Russian University

Year-Round Travel

The Bolshoi Theatre, the Tretyakov Gallery, the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts, the Hermitage, and St. Isaac’s Cathedral are Russian cultural sights known worldwide, attracting millions of tourists every year. However, this is merely the tip of the iceberg on the list of things worth seeing. 26 Russian cultural sites are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

In addition to the Kremlin and Red Square, the UNESCO list includes the monuments of Novgorod, Suzdal, Vladimir, the Holy Trinity Monastery of St. Sergius, Lake Baikal, the volcanos of Kamchatka, the Golden Mountains of Altai, the Novodevichy Convent, the Curonian Spit, and others. Many universities organize trips for students.

Levels of Higher Education

Level 1: Bachelor’s Degree

Level 2: Specialist Degree

Level2: Master’s Degree

Level 3: Highest Professional Training

  • Level 1: Bachelor’s Degree

This is a complete higher education course. Individuals who have completed education equivalent to Russian general secondary or vocational secondary education can enroll in a Bachelor’s Degree course. The course lasts 4 years and gives general fundamental training.

  • Level 2: Specialist Degree

Unlike Bachelor’s Degrees, Specialist Degrees are more focused on practical work in industry according to the selected discipline. These programmes are offered to individuals who have education equivalent to Russian general secondary or vocational secondary education. The course lasts for a minimum of 5 years.

  • Level 2: Master’s Degree

This allows in-depth specialization in the student’s chosen field. Bachelor’s and Specialist Degree holders can enroll in Master’s Degree courses. The course lasts at least two years and involves training students for research work. Students defend a thesis which, if successful, leads to a Master’s Degree certificate and the qualification of Master.

  • Level 3: Highest Professional Training

A POSTGRADUATE COURSE is a form of training for academics. Graduates of a Master’s or Specialist Degree can enroll in a postgraduate course. The course includes study, teaching, hands-on experience, and research. Postgraduate students select a research field and subject of research for their dissertation. Full-time study lasts at least 3 years, while part-time study lasts at least 4 years.

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process of getting student visa in Russia for Filipinos

AN INTERNSHIP is a form of postgraduate course for graduates of medical universities that leads to a professional qualification. The course lasts one year and is a practical placement at a medical institution under the mentoring of senior colleagues.

A MEDICAL RESIDENCY is the final stage in training in a number of medical (or pharmaceutical) fields. Individuals who hold a higher medical (or pharmaceutical) qualification can enroll in a medical residency. The course lasts 2 years and is a combination of in-depth study of the rudiments of medical sciences with hands-on experience in medical institutions where students develop the necessary professional skills and abilities.

The course concludes with a three-stage qualification examination. Graduates are awarded a medical residency certificate and the qualification of specialist, enabling them to work in medical institutions.

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