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Russian Visa Application Process for Filipino Citizens

Russian Visa Application Process for Filipino Citizens

Traveling to a foreign land as a tourist or for work do have some non-negotiable requirements. Every country follows a different rule when it comes to allowing international travelers, but in general, you need a passport and a Visa. You can read about Russian visa application process for Filipino citizens here.

What is a Visa, and how is it different from a Filipino passport?

Your passport is a form of identification provided by your country to its citizens used for travelling internationally. Depending on the agreement between your country and the country you are going to, you may be required to apply for a Visa or not. In contrast, a Visa is an endorsement you receive dictating whether or not you can enter a particular country, and for how long you can stay.

There are different types of Russian visas, the most common being:

  • Tourist
  • Work
  • Student
  • Transit

There are Visas you need to apply for before traveling, while there are Visas granted upon arrival to a country. The application process also differs from one country to another.

Filipino travelers going to Russia with visa
Filipino travelers going to Russia

Filipino travelers going to Russia

Citizens of the Philippines who want to travel to Russia need to secure a Visa. The process in getting a Russian Visa is slightly different, because you need to receive an invitation from Russia (from the person who invited you, schools you are going to study in, company you are working in, etc.), as well as provide supplementary documents confirming why you are travelling there in the first place.

The first step to applying for a Russian Visa is to contact the Russian Embassy. The Russian Visa Requirements Philippines include the letter of invitation, which corresponds to the type of Visa you are getting. It is also compulsory to pay a consular fee, regardless if your application gets approved or declined.

The party who invited you to Russia must take all the necessary measures to get an invitation letter supporting your Visa application. For example, travel companies usually arrange Visa invitations for tourists. On the other hand, if the purpose of your visit is private, the letter must come from the private party who will host you, such as relatives or close friends.

If the purpose of the visit is related to business, the company or organization in Russia usually sends the invitation letter by mail. Lastly, the process of getting a Visa invitation for work needs to be arranged by the company that offered employment.

step-by-step russian visa application
step-by-step russian visa application

Comparison of different types of Visa

Here is a quick comparison of the different kinds of Visa according to the purpose of the visit. And step-by-step instructions for Russian visa application process for Filipino citizens at Russian Embassy in Manila.

Private Visa. Used by people meeting relatives or close friends. Although some recommend getting a tourist Visa instead because it is easier. A private Visa is good for one month up to 90 days.

Tourist Visa. If you are travelling with a tour group or only wants to see famous sights, a tourist visa will suffice. The Visa duration is from one day to a month.

Work Visa. Intended for an individual who has received a job offer from a Russian enterprise or company. Work Visas are good for at least one year to a maximum of three years.

Once you secure the necessary documents, you may proceed with your application in the Russian Embassy located in the Philippines.

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