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Reasons Why the Russian Embassy in Manila Is Your Next Visa Application Destination

Reasons Why the Russian Embassy in Manila Is Your Next Visa Application Destination

It is an unfortunate fact that the Philippine passport will not grant you entry to as many countries without a visa. But let this not deter you from traveling to some of the most amazing destinations, like Russia. The visa application process may not be that easy in Russian Embassy in Manila, but there are available resources online to help you.

With a little bit of effort, a trip to the Russian embassy in Manila, and some out-of-pocket expense, you can get a tourist visa and visit some of the best historical destinations in Russia. Here are the top reasons why the largest country in the world should be your next travel goal.

Impressive architecture and well-preserved religious sites

When you visit Russia, you should not miss out on seeing some of the best examples of Russian Orthodox architecture. These religious sites are awe-inspiring and steeped with history. The grand St. Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow is a UNESCO heritage site. Gazing into its multi-colored domes will genuinely take your breath away.

Duterte and Putin close relationship
Duterte and Putin close relationship

Our Russian Visa Center can help you to fast track your visa application with Russian Embassi in Makati. You don’t even have to show up for the interview. We can process it fast and easy.

Music, art, and literature supported by Russian Embassy in Manila

Russia is famous for ballet, classical music, and literature. If you are a connoisseur of the arts, Moscow is the perfect city to visit. You can visit museums dedicated to Russian literary masters like Tolstoy and Dostoyevsky. You can also watch Russian ballet on full display in theatres. But, be prepared to pay the price if you want to see this fantastic dance performed by the very best in the world.

One reminder, there is also a Honorary Russian Consulate in Cebu. It doesn’t process Russian visas, but we work closely with them to send Filipinos to Russia.

Almost every city in Russia houses an incredible museum. For example, the Moscow Museum of Modern art features the most extensive collection of contemporary and modern art in the country. If you like ancient art, you can go to the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts instead.

Communist history and remnants of Tsarist rule

In the heyday of the Russian empire, the Tsars ruled in opulence and grandeur. Do visit the Summer Palace and the Palace of Catherine the Great. There is also Peterhof, another UNESCO world heritage site, which is perhaps one of the most popular attractions in St. Petersburg.

If you book the hotel with us, we can provide russian visa voucher from hotel absolutely free. However, you don’t have hotel reservation or you book room with airbnb, then we can provide tourist visa invitation letter for just 2,000 pesos.

If you want to get a glimpse of the communist history of Russia, there is Lenin’s tomb as well as the decommissioned KGB headquarters. If you visit smaller cities in Russia, you can also feast your eyes on impressive Soviet-era architecture.

The Moscow Metro

Russia is perhaps one of the only places in the world where the metro is a famous tourist destination. Not only does the metro serve its purpose of providing convenient travel to residents, but it is also a display of Russia’s grand Communist era in the 1930s. There are gilded ceilings, bronze statues, and bas reliefs that showcase the opulence of a bygone era.

Pristine nature

If you prefer to explore natural wonders, Russia has much to offer. There is the Altai Mountain National Reserve where you can marvel at the scenery and spot from exotic wildlife native to Russia.

Likely, you are a Philippines passport holder, we can assist you with E-visa. There are some restrictions apply, but there is no consular fees for E-visa. The processing fee, however is only 1,000 pesos.

Another excellent destination is Lake Baikal. It is a little farther away from the city and requires several days of travel. But if you visit during the summer, you will enjoy fishing, camping, and swimming in the pristine water of the lake.

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