Is It Possible to Travel to

Russia on a Budget

Is It Possible to Travel to Russia on a Budget?

travel to russia on a budget

What remains of the Russian Empire is on full display in most major cities around Russia. The grand history and mysterious grandeur of this country is worth a visit at least once in your life. You will be in awe of sophisticated architecture, palatial buildings, and gold-gilded statues. Today, the mysterious veil surrounding Russia is coming off. It is becoming one of the most famous European tourist destinations. We will tell you how to travel to Russian on a budget.

For first time travelers, a common question asked is how much budget does Filipino need to travel to Russia? Well, what’s great is that Russia is not as expensive as you might think. For a Filipino, it helps that the Philippine Peso has a strong exchange rate compared to the Russian Ruble. If you want to travel on a budget, here are our suggestions.

Russia Visa Philippines

All Filipinos, to be more specific Philippines passport holders require Russian visa to travel to Russia. You can view step-by-step procedures on how to apply for Russia tourist visa. A tourist visa is issued mainly for leisure trips, sometimes for a short business or cultural visits on the basis of invitation from a licensed Russian tour operator.

Skip hotels and book a hostel instead

Staying at a fancy hotel is not necessary for an awesome trip. You will spend most of your time exploring anyway. Look for an affordable hostel in major cities you will visit. For example, if you visit St. Petersburg or Moscow, you can book a hostel for as little as P500 (about $10) per night. Hostels are popular not only because they are cheap, but you can also meet locals and fellow tourists. Booking online is the best way because you can read reviews and check the location. It is ideal if your accommodation is close to subway stations and restaurants.

Russian Embassy in Manila process all visa applications from Filipinos. Before you apply for tourist Russian visa, you need to secure tourist invitation from DFA accredited agency, such as We can also help with airline tickets and hotel or hostel arrangements.

Skip hotels and book a hostel instead
Skip hotels and book a hostel instead

Walk the city and explore travel to Russia on a budget

Although most Russian cities have extensive public transportation, you can explore more by walking. St. Petersburg is like an open-air museum where all the historic attractions are in one place. Walking will allow you to appreciate everything that the city has to offer. There are beautiful buildings, the St. Isaac’s Cathedral, and the Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood. All these majestic architectural wonders are picture perfect and only a stone’s throw away from each other.

Learn basic phrases and download a translator app

If you stay in major Russian cities like Moscow, you may chance upon someone who speaks English. But, English is not a widely spoken language there. If you do not come prepared, you will have a difficult time. Communicating well is necessary if you want to stay within your budget. Learn basic phrases like hello, how much, and thank you. An offline translator app is also a big help.

Filipinos are qualified for E-visa to Russia. Not all points of entry are applicable and some restrictions apply. Please read carefully or consult with one of our agents.

Make the most out of subway travel

The subways in Moscow and St. Petersburg are worth a visit. They mirror that grand architecture reminiscent of the country’s past. Subways are also convenient for budget travellers who want to get around the city. Make sure that you prepare by buying a map or familiarizing yourself with the routes.

cheap hostels in russia
cheap hostels in russia


Russia is not expensive if you prepare. Do not aim to visit all attractions. Make a list of your go-to places and budget your money. It is also essential that you have either exchanged your money into USD or Euro before your trip. You can pay using major credit cards, but it is still best to spend cash. – facebook account on how to travel to Russia on a budget.

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