Guide to Getting a Russian Visa Voucher

When Using Airbnb

Guide to Getting a Russian Visa Voucher When Using Airbnb

Guide to Getting a Russian Visa Voucher When Using Airbnb

Apartment rental platforms changed how people travel around the world. It is a revolutionary technology making travel more accessible and affordable for all. Many of these platforms, including Airbnb, are available in major tourist destinations. If you are booking a trip to Russia, you can use Airbnb to save accommodation costs. But, that is not the only benefit of using Airbnb. This article will outline how to get Russian tourist visa voucher when using Airbnb.

moscow airbnb visa voucher
Moscow airbnb visa voucher

What is a Russian tourist visa voucher?

A tourist visa voucher is necessary in applying for a Russian visa. It is also called a travel invitation. For tourists, the easiest way to get a travel invitation is to book a hotel. The hotel will arrange and send you the voucher. For student or work visa, the invitation comes from the school or the employer. Today, tourist visa vouchers are available online. Luckily, Airbnb has a simple process you can follow to get your voucher.

How to get a tourist visa voucher using Airbnb

In rental platforms like Airbnb, you are transacting with an apartment host. What this means is that these hosts cannot issue a tourist invitation. In applying for a tourist visa, only a Russian tour operator or authorized hotel can issue the letter. But, there are instances when a host can get the invitation letter for you for a price. To make the process easier, here is a step-by-step guide.

  1. Book your Airbnb accommodation. You will need a piece of crucial information after booking your accommodation. Get the complete address of the apartment you booked. If you are staying in several cities, take note of all addresses.
  2. Fill out an invitation request form. You can get an invitation request form online from sites like In the field labelled ‘hotel’, write the address of the Airbnb apartment. Specify all the apartments in all the cities you are visiting.
  3. Download the form. After completing and paying for the form, download the invitation letter. It should contain all the details of the apartments you booked. The invitation letter will also contain several pieces of information you need to apply for a visa. These are the name of the online service you used, their address, and the confirmation number.
  4. Fill out a visa application form. You can get the application form from the Russian consulate website in your country. If you prefer, you can visit the consular office to fill out the form.
russian filipino airbnb
russian filipino airbnb

Russia visa for Filipino Airbnb voucher

The visa application form will ask for the name of agency that issued the invitation. You need to put the name of the online service you used to get the invitation request. The application form will not ask for your accommodation. As such, the process is simple and you need not worry if you are staying in an Airbnb apartment.

cheapest airbnb in russia
cheapest airbnb in russia

Before travelling to Russia, make sure you read some useful links on how to avoid common mistakes or get your Russian visa denied. One must secure Russian visa voucher from DFA accredited agency if you book your apartment through airbnb.

If you need more detailed instructions on the process, there are several online resources you can use with instructional photos and videos to guide you. Go ahead, book your next trip to Russia and experience a one-of-a-kind historic destination.

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