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Filipinos Traveling to Russia: Where to Get Russian Visa and Other Frequently Asked Questions

Filipinos Traveling to Russia

When you are traveling to a powerful and big country like Russia, the visa application process can be stressful and overwhelming. But do not be discouraged. Filipinos Traveling to Russia and if Russia is in your travel bucket list, it is certainly not impossible to get your visa application approved. If you get the required documents from accredited sources, before you know it, you will be packing your bags ready to experience the grandeur of Moscow and St. Petersburg.

We understand that finding information online can add to the confusion. That is why, for those who are planning to travel to Russia and wants to know where to get Russian Visa, here are some frequently asked questions about the process and pointers on how to apply.

What are the basic requirements?

Apart from a valid passport, passport-size photo, and visa application form, you will need to focus on getting a travel voucher or visa invitation letter. You can get an invitation letter from an authorized travel agency in the Philippines with a corresponding branch in Russia.

Some think that booking a hotel is sufficient, but do check with the establishment first. Although there are hotels accredited to issue a travel voucher to tourists, directly booking a room is not enough reason for the hotel to issue an invitation letter.

Another option, if you are willing to pay the price, is to get an invitation letter online from services like iVisa. Once you have your invitation letter, make sure that you also booked your plane tickets with confirmed dates corresponding to your application form.

After gathering all the requirements, you can proceed to the Russian consulate in Makati City and have your application processed. The standard processing time is about two weeks. To avoid any hassle, submit your application at least one month before your travel date.

Does traveling to Russia require ‘show money’?

Another frequently asked question is whether visa applicants need to provide a bank statement. Fortunately, it is not required. However, you may want to have your bank account statement ready in case you get asked during your interview.

What do you need to do if your application gets denied? Filipinos Traveling to Russia.

First, find out the exact reason why your application was denied. When you apply again, make sure to avoid the same mistakes.

Is medical insurance required?

It is not mandatory to have medical insurance when you travel to Russia. However, it is a best practice for anyone traveling abroad to always have insurance because this is for your protection.

Is an interview mandatory in the visa application?

Interviews are not mandatory. But, the consulate officials may choose to interview an applicant if they feel it is necessary.

Can Filipinos apply for a multiple entry Russian Visa?

No, Filipinos cannot apply for a multiple entry visa to Russia. At this time, only US citizens have this privilege.

How long is a Russian tourist visa valid?

A tourist visa is generally valid for a maximum of 30 days, but the length may vary depending on what was granted on your visa application.

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