5 Reasons to Travel to Russia on Holiday

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5 Reasons to Travel to Russia on Holiday

Reasons to travel to russia on holiday

In terms of land area, Russia is the biggest country in the world. It is not surprising that visiting the country will expose you to historical, cultural, and visual diversity. This diversity and the element of surprise in finding unexpected destinations is what makes Russia appealing to avid travellers. More and more Filipinos decide to travel to Russia for different reasons.

Those of you who travel to Russia for the first time, you might want to look over the tips for the first-time travellers. Also, keep in mind, that Filipinos need Russian visa in order to enter the country and we are here to help.

Although there is no chance that you will get to see everything that the country has to offer in one visit, you are sure to find something that will intrigue and amaze you at the same time. Forget about your antiquated notions of conspiracy theories and political upheavals. Here are five reasons why you should start filling out that Russian visa application form and add Russia to your travel bucket list.

St. Petersburg for Filipinos
St. Petersburg for Filipinos

Roam the largest European City

Some people assume that Paris or perhaps London is the biggest city in all of Europe. But when it comes to sheer population alone, Moscow takes the top spot. There are Russian tours you can join if you want a more structured approach to travelling, and the likely first stop is going to be Moscow. The city itself boasts of an intoxicating mix of modern architecture and historical heritage. Anyone will be in awe of the colorful St. Basil’s Cathedral, and the majestic view of the Red Square.

Marvel at the architectural wonders of St. Petersburg is a good reason to travel to Russia

Putting St. Petersburg on your travel itinerary is something you will not want to miss while in Russia. The city is steeped in history and is a testament to the rule of the Tsars. During its heyday, St. Petersburg was likened to other great cities in Europe like Venice. If you are a fan of history and architecture, St. Petersburg should be on your list.

Why is vodka synonymous to Russia?

When people think about Russia, the first image that comes to mind is vodka. But, the drink was, in fact, first invented in Poland. However, the Russians adopted the formula and perfected it. Today, vodka is one of the most popular alcoholic beverages consumed around the world. There is a vodka museum in Moscow if you want to learn more about the history of the drink.

Russian vodka in Philippines
Russian vodka in Philippines

Do not be afraid to visit during winter

Russia is also known for frigid winters. But you will have a different experience if you visit when there is snow blanketing the streets. Winter and snow is a critical element of Russian culture and history. There are many things you can enjoy in winter that will not be available in summer.

The sights and sounds will complete your experience of travel in Russia

Whether you visit during summer or winter, there is always something for everyone. For photography and videography enthusiasts, there are beautiful sights to capture everywhere. Imagine taking a photograph of the St. Basil’s Cathedral delicately blanketed with snow. Perhaps indoor and outdoor photos of architectural wonders like the Church of the Savior on Blood in the height of summer.

Russian winter for Filipinos
Russian winter for Filipinos

Undoubtedly, Russia is a vast country with a lot to offer tourists. A few days is not enough to visit all the famous tourist spots and hidden gems around the country. If you visit Russia once, you will likely want to see more.

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