2020 Children of Asia Games in Russia:

The Philippines and Russia Have This Event in Common

2020 Children of Asia Games in Russia: The Philippines and Russia Have This Event in Common

2020 Children of Asia Games in Russia: The Philippines and Russia

The Philippines’ active participation in international sports competitions will be on full display in next year’s Children of Asia Games Philippines and Russia event in common. Athletes from around the country who participated in the recently concluded 2019 Batang Pinoy National Championship will be competing in various events. Not only will the Philippine Sports Commission automatically select gold medalists, but exceptional performers will be given a shot at joining the national team.

Russia hosting 2020 Children of Asia Games event with Philippines

What is perhaps most unique about the Children of Asia Games is that the Russian Federation organized it. The very first Children of Asia Games was held in Russia in 1996. The country is once again hosting the event in 2020 Batang Pinoy finals in Puerto Princesa Philstar.com.

filipino medalist in Russia for figure skating
The Philippines and Russia Have This Event in Common

Historically, Russia is not a member of any international sporting organization, nor does the country have its own Olympic Committee. But despite this, Russia is home to many world-class athletes and has avidly promoted sporting events as part of their lifestyle and culture. Russian Visa Application Process for Filipino Citizens.

As a novel feat in bringing together many nations in the spirit of friendship and camaraderie, international organizations recognize and support the Children of Asia Games, including UNESCO. Indeed, participating in this event is both an honor and a privilege for Filipino athletes who are now training hard to showcase their sporting skills in whichever game they will compete in.

Since the Philippines and Russia have this event in common, athletes will more or less be briefed on what to expect when they visit the historic nation of Russia to compete in various sporting events. For Russian visa one need to apply at the Russian Embassy in Manila.

The weeklong sporting event which will be held on August 15 to 25, 2020 in Russia will bring together thousands of participants from across Asia. Indeed, it is a groundbreaking effort by the Russian community to welcome and host diverse cultures and ethnicities.

russia and philippines in common
Participants’ preparation for the Games

Participants’ preparation for the Games

The preparation of the Philippine team for the Children of Asia Games will not be a small feat. The International Olympic Committee also supports this international sporting event. That is to say, that athletes who do well in these events are also likely to become Olympic athletes in the future. The main goal of the game is to promote sports among youth and children. The event also aims to enhance cooperation among Asian nations within the domain of sports.

Winners chosen during the 2019 Batang Pinoy National Championship will not only undergo rigorous physical and mental training but also ensure that they meet the requirements to visit Russia.

Since it is an official event, athletes will not have any trouble getting approved their visas. But for those who are planning to go to Russia and witness the event to support the players, it is necessary to undergo the standard Visa application procedure.

Fortunately, there are many resources online with helpful information regarding Russian tourist visa application. You can also use online services to get an invitation letter which is a prerequisite to apply. For those who are interested, it is best to plan ahead and apply now to avoid any problems later on as the event nears.

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